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SCAVI pioneers to build a typical development model mobilizing the RESPONSIBILITY of all partners: 4.0 - HUB CLUB - 3P (3 times pioneer).That is the model of:

  • 4.0: Moving forward the 4.0 Industrial Revolution (synergy between Digitization and Automation) to develop:
  • Hub Club: Unprecedented connected Club – shared targets and shared processes to reach targets - between CUSTOMERS - SCAVI - SUPPLIERS,
  • 3P: 3 Times pioneer for RESPONSIBILITY.
This model is guided by the values of SCAVI, in which RESPONSIBILITY is the key point.

4.0 - Hub Club - 3P model


SCAVI pioneers and works closely with Customers - Brands to improve both Product Quality and Service Quality through continuous innovation. The final goal is not only the extra added value for final consumers but also a new consumption civilization.

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 4.0 - Hub Club - 3P model

 4.0 - Hub Club - 3P model


SCAVI pioneers to develop the active social responsibility through the Lifetime Education System.

The main target of SCAVI is to build people. Economic development is a natural result of the training policies in the long run. This system includes Initial Education (from kindergarten to university with apprenticeship at the core of the education system, from vocational school to university) and Continuous Education.

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The active environmental responsibility is demonstrated by three concrete action directions, continuously improved through each development season:
  • Reduce carbon emission
  • Reduce the use of natural resources, artificial chemicals and water
  • Reduce wastes wastes, most importantly  hazardous wastes and persistent
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4.0 - Hub Club - 3P model