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Mr. Tran Van Phu, chairman - founder of Group Financière B'Lao - SCAVI

Our core values initiated by Mr. Tran Van Phu, chairman - founder of Group Financière B’Lao, from his own experiences in life, are shared and nurtured by every member of the Group from their daily actions. 
The values that can give meaning to everyone’s actions are:

SCAVI pioneers to build a typical development model mobilizing the responsibility of all partners: 4.0- HUB CLUB- 3P (3 times pioneer)”.

That is the model of:
- 4.0: Moving forward the 4.0 Industrial Revolution (synergy between Digitization and Automation) to develop:
- Hub Club: Unprecedented connected Club – shared targets and shared processes to reach targets - between CUSTOMERS - SCAVI - SUPPLIERS,
- 3P: 3 Times pioneer for RESPONSIBILITY.
This model is guided by the values of SCAVI in which responsibility is the key point.

This model leads to THE COMMON REPOSITIONING of the Hub Club and all related brands: RESPONSIBLE BRANDS - MEANINGFUL CONSUMPTION: the values of responsibility - responsible brands - are demonstrated through 3 Pioneers, to return back to human.
  • P1: Pioneer 1: Responsibility within the industry: the responsibility of all members → all partners within the industry for each other, towards the final customers: consumer who is THE CENTER of this RESPONSIBILITY system. Global connection for Global success: Global connection through typical System of Organization (SO): CONNECTED Target System - Process System; 4.0 Technology participates to the continuous improvement of the CONNECTED Information System for daily operations of the related System of Organization.
  • P2: Pioneer 2: Active social responsibility through lifetime education.
  • P3: Pioneer 3: Active environmental responsibility