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Group SCAVI - subsidiary of group Corèle International:

International Outsourcing Services

Specialized in Lingerie - Swimwear – Sportswear


Scavi Management center in Asia (Bien Hoa - Vietnam) master plan - to be operational end 2018

- FDI licensed No. 1 in Viet Nam in 1988

- Top 7 of International Lingerie Outsourcing Service industry – targeting the reference position in 2 years, by 2022.

- Largest foreign invested company in the Fashion Textile Clothing Industry among the Vietnamese Top 500 largest companies in 2016 (*), all sectors taken into account.

(*) Annual ranking in Vietnam equivalent to US Fortune500

Personnel: 15,000 members working in France (2 operational sites)– Viet Nam (6 operational sites) – Laos (1 operational site). Scavi is the French Group with the largest number of personnel in Viet Nam.

- Average annual growth of the Group was 25% since the beginning and is currently speeding up considerably. In 2017, we achieved an exceptional growth rate of 40% compared to 2016 and expect to achieve the year of 2020 with a 100% growth rate compared to 2019 and maintain the strong financial health (0 debt). This momentum will be maintained in the upcoming years.

- Pioneer in building the International Supply Chain (Hub Club) in Viet Nam, using currently 60% of materials originating from Viet Nam – setting the target of achieving 100% by the end of 2020.

- Pioneer in social responsibility towards the international Hub Club:

+ Education: Kindergarten for children of the Group’s members applying advanced Montessori Method - full scholarship from the Group – priority: members with low income - Vocational training in all functions of the Group, in connection with the local training system where the Group operates.

+ Social housing, in priority to the low-income people: free-of-charge accommodation for workers, houses for leasing – real ownership after few years of lease payments (in project).

- Pioneer in environmental responsibility:

+ Recycling maximization.

+ Clean and Green in both Professional and Residential areas.

+ Environmental Audit at Material Suppliers