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Organizational structure

Governed by the law n ° 2008-776 of August 4th, 2008

Establishment: January 7, 2017

Target: To promote and develop the actions of general interest in favor of education.

Endowment: With the foreseeable future endowment of 30% of the capital, The Foundation will become, with the disappearance of its Founder, the key shareholder of Group Financière B’Lao (formerly Corèle International).

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mr. Phu Tran Van, Founder and Chairman of Group Financière B’Lao

Board of Directors: 14 members – 7 men/7 women – all of them are Key Members of the Group

Head Office: Château Forge du Roy, Forge Neuve, 24260 Mauzens-et-Miremont, France

Administrative Office: 2, rue de Micy 45380 La Chapelle Saint Mesmin – France (preferable for postal mails)



GROUP FINANCIÈRE B'LAO (formerly Corèle International)

Establishment: August 22, 1988.

Target: Lingerie – Swimwear – Sportwear – Protective Clothing Industry. Leading position in France in the industry.

Head Office: 4, rue Pierre Brossolette, 95270 Asnières-sur-Oise – France

Administrative Office: 348, rue Marcel Paul 45770 Saran, France (preferable for postal mails)

Growth: annual average growth of 25% since 1988, exceptional growth of 100% in 2020, year of Covid-19.




Scavi is an industrial subsidiary wholly owned by Group Financière B'Lao. SCAVI employs 20,000 people in the world. Scavi has the 1st Foreign Direct Investment License - all industries - in Vietnam in 1988.

Establishment: 1988.

Target: No. 1 in Global Outsourcing Service of Lingerie – Swimwear – Sportwear – Protective Clothing in international market.

Head Office: Bien Hoa - Vietnam

Management Centers: 3 (1 in Orléans - France, 1 in Bien Hoa - Vietnam, 1 in Hue - Vietnam)

Industrial Centers: 7 (1 in France, 5 in Vietnam, 1 in Laos)

Members: Total 20,000





Establishment: 2016

Target: Brands division of Group Financière B’Lao (3 brands: Corèle: medium-high segment, Marguerite: Mass-Market segment, Mâlefix: men's underwear).

Head Office: Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam